Logo de la maison Lesage Intérieurs

For close to thirty years, we design, invent and embroider by hand, embellishments meant for furnishings, decoration and fashion.
These embroideries celebrate our attachment to quality hand work and our fidelity to hundreds of techniques and stitches which form the richness of our craft.
Founded by Jean-Francois Lesage, its artistic director and his associates Patrick Savouret, Malavika Shivakumar & Sandeep Rao, Vastrakala is based in Chennai, South India and employs close to 200 local craftsmen and women.
In the initial years, the company’s activity focussed on embroideries for Interiors, working with decorators, architects, museums, private collectors and public institutions the world over.
Gradually in the late 90s, Vastrakala added the skills of fine embroidery for fashion to its repertoire, in order to serve the requirements of Lesage Paris, the storied Paris-based company renowned for its signature embroideries for Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and accessories since 1924.
Since that time, Vastrakala executes embroideries for the clients of Lesage Paris and has acquired very specific techniques used by them.
In 2014 Vastrakala became a part of the House of Lesage, one of the Metiers d’Art de la Mode within 19M.
The craftsmen undergo regular training and upgrading of their skills by specialist master embroiderers from Paris. Combined with the specialized fashion techniques learnt from our French master embroiderers, Vastrakala is able to create an unique proposition for our fashion customers. We provide a dedicated team: in Chennai, a creative studio with samplers, several draughtsmen and a studio co-ordinator; in Paris, a creative cell comprising a French embroideress, headed by Eva Dunis. Together, this team enables frequent and quick exchanges with the Studios.
The decision taken 30 years ago to locate the project in an area having local craftsmen and women has proved to be invaluable: our craftsmen live in the villages on the outskirts of Chennai and travel to work every day from their homes.
All our employees are registered and covered by the company’s contributions both to their retirement fund as well as health insurance which are traditionally only extended to industrial workers.
Additionally, Vastrakala has arranged for a private health insurance for all employees, giving them thus access to internationally recognized health care facilities.
Further, the Company stands guarantee for the embroiderers to obtain favourable loans from legalized, registered banks in order to meet their personal financial needs such as births, weddings, higher education etc.
In 2007, as a commitment towards creating an organisation that is fully compliant with labour regulations and one that provides a secure, ethical work environment for our craftsmen, Vastrakala was one of the leading hand embroidery companies to obtain a SA8000 certification. The certification has been renewed every year since.
The new atelier, built in March 2021 is a LEED certified facility, located in the heart of a cluster of villages is now even closer to their homes. Since then, a third of Vastrakala’s work force is feminine.
At Vastrakala, we believe that the embroiderer crafts men are at the heart of the project.
As descendants of the master craftsmen serving the Nawabs of the Deccan over several centuries, our embroiderers are the inheritors of a strong heritage seeped in traditional and millennial old techniques that they continue to pass down from one generation to the next.
Our company celebrates with passion the talent and knowledge of our embroiderers, these discreet but brilliant actors in the service of beauty, savoir-faire and an ancient and yet living craft.